Tweedy Clothing is a creation birthed from the relationship between Cacey & Josh Barks Bland. The dream began when Cacey started to make unique Gemstone Malas. Inspired by this, Josh started to search op shops for the perfect Tweed Jackets, up-cycling the Jackets by sowing patches & buttons to them. The name followed, then the bird came to life.

From these humble beginnings the flame of creation was ignited, burning even stronger today.

Tweedy Clothing now sell in Australia, England and with upcoming ventures, they are set to bring there comfortable one of a kind Pippie (Posh Hippie) Clothing to the world. Today, the clothing, made from 100% Cotton & Recycled silk is designed by Cacey & Josh. The couple also make the Gemstone jewellery, in addition with other hand picked designers who now work for the Team.

Asked what they have learnt along the way, Josh & Cacey replied simply: ‘We are learning to enjoy the journey’